Temptations in West London

In Chiswick, where I live, there are several larger parks, like Richmond Park, Kew garden and Wetlands. I have been to Richmond park only one time in my life, not too long ago. Kew garden has revealed itself for me a lot of times. But Wetland, I have never been to.

I was walking past the entrance of London Wetlands this weekend. Too late to spend 13 punds for entry, but tempting enough to put it on my agenda for the coming weekend. Will post picture from my visit. Best place to watch wild life in London they claim. Could not be more inviting. Though, I have a lot of wildlife in my garden also and in the street. So fertile. Late summer is wonderful.

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Save the rainforest

It is more important now than ever to take a stand. The rainforests in the world is under constant attack. Last autumn, Cowspiracy blamed the meat and dairy industry with respect to CO2 footprint and gave you the  numbers to aid your choice. If you add deforestation, the livestock industry and its bi-products counts for more than 50% of the global manmade CO2 footprint.

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My universe, your universe and so much more…

So, this is a tiny scratch on the surface of my universe, flying away at the speed of the light. As you already have guessed, it is a parallell universe off course… like yours… ready to be explored, by me… Or, well, the exploration has gone on for my whole life time, but growing up, the society around tends to take that focus away, shaping you into something useful for the society, something that I more and less am.

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Ohhhh dark organic chocolate from heaven

I will rarely present content with added sugar on this page, but what I am about to present, deserves a few words.Yoga and wellness sitt bilde.
If some selling you chocolate, use “Chocolatier” in the logo, you are out to spend a lot more on a “regular” plate of dark chocolate than usual. 18 pounds for the two plates below is a steep prize. The Cinnamon was a bit to much for us, but was a lot of kick in it, due to the chilli. The orange was also really fresh. The total experience was interesting and well worth the extra cost. The Pistachio was fantastic!! Nothing more to say. The design and presentation of the content is visually not only on the list on the backside, it is highly visible to your eyes also.

This is chocolate sent to Michelin star restaurants etc.

You can read more about them and what they can offer on their web site: http://www.the-chocolatier.co.uk

Streetfood on Southbank, London.

Oh, how much I love this city. Food is just one of the many sides I love about it. Being a vegetarian, it is really easy to satisfy the daily needs. It is not very difficult to extend the horizons either. Something the various markets around the city can offer. Strolling around Southbank on Saturday, coming across this magnificent mYoga and wellness sitt bilde.arked, was not planned, but certainly enjoyed. The atmosphere alone, is a gift in it self.


Yes, I would like to have more predators in Norwegian nature.

I am really glad to announce that I now am supporting WWF fight to ensure a healthy amount of wild predators in Norwegian nature. Most of them are almost extinct or is very close to be red listed. They need your help to.

Visit WWF.no and see what you can do to change the crazy balance in Norwegian nature, where Man is God.

Check out their FB page too, if any interest:


Green apples taste better than white

So, Apple now work together with WWF. Personally I have already contributed to this alliance. WWF get more publicity for their important effort to save the planet, and Apple get a greener image. Most important is the developers of the various apps in the Appstore, who join in and make WWF versions of their app and donate the some of the money to WWF.

Do you want to read more about this, visit http://wwf.panda.org or on Twitter.

As a user frequent user of Appstore, I think this is a wonderful initiative.

You don´t need added sugar.

IMG_0722Did you know that the average consumption of added sugar at the time this bridge was build was 2 kg pr year pr person?

Does that sounds like a lot? Well, the average consumption of added sugars in Norway was 49 kg in 1999. In 2013 it was “only”  29 kg pr person pr year, due to heavy campaigns against sugar additives in refined food. In the western world the numbers range between 20 and 50 kg pr year. Consumption of snacks and soda is the largest contributor to this average. On average, every person in Norway consume 60 litres of soda annually, and this is increasing. Personally I consumed my last soda more than two years ago, and it has stayed so.

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